4th June 2022 - 15th August 2022


A possible Universe


More than 100 works, including paintings, graphics, sculptures; and almost 40 artists, combined in a composition that is sometimes surprising, but always guided by taste and harmony. It is WONDERWALL, the exhibition / installation inaugurated at the SUSANNA ORLANDO GALLERY in Pietrasanta on 4th June 2022 (and open until 15th August).

It was imagined and created by the gallery owner herself who, as the subtitle states, wanted to give a personal representation of A Possible Universe, in its infinite movement, in her incessant dance.

And here is that paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, but also memories, postcards, manuscripts come together or move away to compose this wonderwall, an authentic wall of wonders.

“I would like the observer to leave their gaze free to move between these shapes, lines and emotions”, underlines Susanna Orlando. Who, on this occasion, realizes a long cherished desire, and puts his art of the "picture gallery" to good use, that is, of that way of arranging art objects (and not only) on the walls, finding joints, emphasizing affinities and contrasts of themes and colors, looking for dialogues between different works.

WONDERWALL, the title of a song by Oasis, is a word that doesn't really exist in English. But which still manages to refer to the sense of wonder: the only means we have available to detach ourselves from the ground.


Works by: Lobna Alameen, Carlo Bach, Lobna Alameen, Enrico Baj, Giuseppe Biagi, Franz Borghese, Guido Borgianni, Raffaele Bueno, Roberta Busato, Jessica Carroll, Monica Carrozzoni, Giuseppe Chiari, Girolamo Ciulla, Pino Deodato, Lucy Jochamowitz, Omar Galliani , Piero Gilardi, Renato Guttuso, Lorenzo Lazzeri, Marco Lodola, Marino Marini, Ignazio Moncada, Aldo Mondino, Alessandro Nocentini, Fabio Peloso, Giacomo Piussi, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Giuseppe Santomaso, Adolfo Saporetti, Sergio Scatizzi, Mario Schifano, Giuliano Tomaino, Ernesto Treccani, Antonio Trotta, Giuseppe Vassallo, Piero Vignozzi, Emma Vitti, Kan Yasuda

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